Mental Health Care For Individuals In Senior Care Living

We deliver a full range of psychological, mental health counseling and behavioral health services in facilities ranging from skilled nursing homes and rehabilitation, long term care facilities, and assisted living facilities​

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Our Mission

New Horizons strives to fully understand each individual's unique challenges and develop a treatment plan accordingly in collaboration with facility staff and family members. Comprehensive and personalized care is our main objective. We explore each individual's needs to provide the most beneficial mental health care services.
New Horizons maintains high ethical standards through the use of HIPAA compliant Electronic Health Records .​

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Why Choose New Horizons?

The qualified and trusted licensed professional team at New Horizons has a combined 30+ years of experience with the geriatric population in our community. We have established strong relationships with long term care facilities, care staff members, and residents to provide a unique, tailored, and compassionate therapeutic approach to each individual.

Our care process includes a collaborative approach for residents and their families that includes consulting with PCPs, nurses, and auxiliary staff to provide positive, effective, quality mental health care services.

The goal of New Horizons is to facilitate in the achievement of an overall emotional balance and wellness for older adults through their journey of coping and adjustment with life's transitions.​

Clinical Staff

Judith P. Cepeda, PsyD
Licensed Psychologist Clinical Director​

Jeannette Caballero, PhD
Director of Clinical Services

Services Provided

Individual & Family Consultations​

Behavioral Management Strategies​

Psychological Testing & Assessment​

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Phone Number

E-mail Address​

Our Location
Serving the San Antonio area and beyond​